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Program Locations


Academic Program


Required Modules

The program is organized around four required academic modules, to be taught in a variety of locations along the northeastern coast of Australia. The four modules are:

  • Coral Reef Ecosystems
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Coastal Forest Ecosystems
  • Australian Studies

In addition, students will complete Targeted Research Projects, under the supervision of University of Queensland instructors, on topics related to particular course modules.

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Academic Prerequisites

Participation in the Australia Program requires background knowledge in biology, especially in the field of ecology. Students should have completed BIO 5, BIO 43, BIO 101, HUMBIO 2A, or the equivalent for a letter grade prior to their enrollment. Please contact Kevin Arrigo with questions about specific academic preparation that might serve as the equivalent prerequisite.

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Course Credit

Coursework in the Australia program is offered in collaboration with the the Centre for Marine Studies at The University of Queensland. The curriculum is pre-arranged, with all students enrolling in the same set of classes and traveling to different research locations for on-site instruction. All courses count toward Stanford graduation and in addition, individual courses have been approved for credit in the departments of Biological Sciences, Earth Systems, Civil Engineering, and Human Biology. For a list of all classes and information on which ones earn departmental credit or fulfill General Education Requirements, students should consult the BOSP course database or Axess.

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Cultural Events and Trips

Due to the modular design of this program, students will travel throughout the coastal region of Eastern Australia during the course of their studies. Faculty will lead students from Brisbane to research stations on the Great Barrier Reef, into the rainforest, to Sydney, and to Port Douglas. Many of these trips will provide unparalleled on-site cultural experiences. During a week-long stay in the urban center of Sydney, a variety of cultural events will be organized, including a group dinner and an outing to a musical or theatrical performance.

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