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Program Summary

Stanford’s program in Australian Coastal Studies offers a unique opportunity to learn about Australian culture while studying the enormous diversity of coral reefs and rainforests. This program is ideal for students interested in environmental and ecological science and policy.

In collaboration with the Centre for Marine Studies at the University of Queensland, Overseas Studies enrolls up to 48 students in a prearranged set of courses in marine biology and ecology of the Great Barrier Reef and the coastal rainforest, as well as an introduction to Australian Studies. During the ten-week quarter, students will gain access to some of the most pristine coral reefs, rainforests, and other coastal ecosystems in the world.

Program Location Quarter(s)
Preequisite(s) Language
of Instruction
Internship Type Living Arrangements Enrollment Capacity
Australia Autumn

BIO 5 or

BIO 43 or

BIO 101 or HUMBIO 2A

English None Dorm, Hostel 48


The academic objective of the Australia program is to increase students’ understanding of these key global ecosystems, while emphasizing the challenges of human co-habitation and industry. Students’ research skills will be enhanced by the hands-on nature of fieldwork.

Academic Prerequisites

Participation in the Australia Program requires background knowledge in biology, especially in the field of ecology. Students should have completed BIO 5, BIO 43, BIO 101, HUMBIO 2A, or the equivalent for a letter grade prior to their enrollment. Please contact Kevin Arrigo with questions about specific academic preparation that might serve as the equivalent prerequisite.

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