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What I Did in Australia…

Current Student Advisors

Libby Burch— Autumn, 2011-12
MAJOR: Human Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Epidemiology and infectious disease, medicine, mental health issues.
One of the first things our professors told us when we arrived in Brisbane was that “Australia is a land of extremes”, and over the course of the next 12 weeks, I began to appreciate just how true that statement was. I discovered how stunningly beautiful the Great Barrier Reef is, and how stiflingly hot the outback can be at midday...Read full profile »
Kristen Malinak— Autumn, 2011-12
MAJOR: Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Animal science, social media communication theory, horse back riding eating and traveling.
Going abroad to the east coast of Australia in the fall of 2011 revealed the little details that make this continent so unique and valuable, and I will never forget my time there...Read full profile »

Past Student Advisors

photo of Katie Correlli Katie Corelli — Autumn 2010-11
MAJOR: Human Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Infectious diseases, global public health, photography
As a member of the non-expert traveler group, I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the Benson Court Hotel, the first Stanford in Australia destination. People were running down the hallways in excitement and while secretly wondering what the next 3 months might hold for us. Again, as the non-expert traveler that I am, I had no idea what was going on. Luckily, we met some great folks in the University of Queensland office (shout out to Karen, Ross and Jess) and they explained everything. Read full profile »
photo of Sara Silberstein Sara Silberstein — Autumn 2010-11
MAJOR: Human Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Neuroscience, Medicine, Sketch Comedy, Improvisation, Theater, Tennis
In general, I think absence does make the heart grow fonder. But when it comes to Australia, it’s a one-way street. I do love Stanford – I love the people, events, activities, and places I associate with it. I do, after all, consider the Bay Area my home. But I will admit that I now miss Australia more than I missed being on campus. I miss being surrounded by the same 46 incredible students day and night. I miss watching sunsets on Heron Island with a new friend. I miss not knowing exactly what was around the next corner. It’s the middle of winter here, and yes, I miss the Australian sun.Read full profile »
photo of Christopher Hanson Christopher Hanson — Autumn 2008-09
MAJOR: Earth Systems  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Science Communication, Oceans, the Tropics, History, Filmmaking
As a filmmaker, I appreciate gorgeous scenery and a lot of action. Having a serious bout of wanderlust, I knew when I enrolled at Stanford that I would not be on campus for all 12 quarters. All of Stanford’s overseas programs would have afforded me the opportunity to experience life on a different piece of land, but when it came time to choose a program, Australia was the clear choice for me.Read full profile »
photo of Margot Hedlin Margot Hedlin — Autumn 2009-10
MAJOR: Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Plants, Neurobiology, Evolution
I didn’t really know what to expect when I landed in Brisbane, squinting in jet-lagged stupor at the Australian sun. I’d just come out of sophomore year with a strong interest in nature and a burning desire to “see the world” – whatever that meant.Read full profile »
photo of Tanya Widmer Tanya Widmer — Autumn, 2007-08
MAJOR: Human Biology  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS/RESEARCH: Human Physiology, International Health, Italian Everything
The Australia program is a hands-on, interactive experience; you are constantly moving from one breathtaking location to another, and the best part is that every day your “tour guide” is an expert in his field that can’t wait to tell you all that he or she knows.Read full profile »
photo of John McCallen John McCallen — Autumn, 2007-08
MAJOR: Biology  
Perhaps one of my favorite things about the Australia program was the way in which academics were approached. For example, during our Coral Reef Ecosystems class, Dr. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Dr. Mary Alice Coffroth, world experts on coral bleaching and disease provided our lectures. Immediately after, we would suit up in snorkel gear to see, touch and collect coral samples from Heron Island’s reefs. Read full profile »
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