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Language Prerequisites


NOTE: Preference will be given to students with additional language study.


All students, including native speakers, are expected to demonstrate their level of language ability (writing, verbal and reading) by providing results of a recent language placement test or previous coursework. Please set up an appointment to speak with Pat de Castries at the Stanford Language Center.

All students are required to take Mandarin Chinese language classes while enrolled in the program. Varying levels of language courses are offered, and placement will be determined in accordance with students' proficiencies. The grading basis for all regular Chinese language classes is Letter Grade Only.

Students with no previous language experience or those desiring to improve their Chinese may want to consider the Chinese Summer Language Program. Each summer, this program combines an intensive five-week language program at Stanford with a four-week practicum at Peking University. The course is equivalent to one year of college-level instruction.

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Directed Reading

Students studying in Beijing can arrange a directed reading guided by a mentor who is either a Peking University (PKU) faculty member or a Stanford faculty member.

Those interested in pursuing a directed reading should work closely their academic advisor and the Beijing Program Director in developing these projects. Students planning to work with a Stanford faculty member should also consult with this mentor as well. A Directed Reading Proposal (downloadable form) must be submitted to the Bing Overseas Studies Program office at least one month prior to the quarter of intended study. A directed reading may be taken only in addition to twelve units of regular coursework offered directly by the program.

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Course Credit

The Beijing Program offers courses that provide credit toward Stanford graduation and most classes also count toward an undergraduate major. Students must enroll in a minimum of twelve units from the courses offered through the program. For a list of classes that earn departmental credit or fulfill General Education Requirements, students should consult the BOSP course database or Axess.

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Cultural Events and Trips

Students will have the opportunity to participate in various cultural programs and field trips throughout the quarter. China is an extraordinary and fascinating country, which is growing and developing rapidly. Spending a quarter with the Beijing Program will give you countless opportunities to experience this amazing part of the world firsthand.

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