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What I Did in Berlin…

Current Student Advisors

Aliya Deri —Stanford in Berlin, Spring 2011-12, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2012
MAJOR: Computer Science  
Internship: Research Intern at RWTH Aachen, Informatik-6
My Krupp internship gave me so many resume-worthy skills, from new competence and experience in a field I’d like to pursue, to improved language skills, to a hands-on understanding of German and European issues.  But I recommend Krupp especially because of the skill I gained that cannot be put on a resume: the confidence to handle whatever life throws at me, no matter what continent I’m on.Read full profile »
Molly Field —Stanford in Berlin, Spring 2010-11, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2011
MAJOR: Psychology  
Internship: Max Planck Institute
As a psychology major, I am naturally drawn to the underlying reasons for why people think and act as they do, and in Germany, a country with complex and, at times, painful history, the behavior and attitudes of the people are deeply influenced by the events of both the distant and recent past.Read full profile »
Angad Singh —Stanford in Berlin, Spring 2011-12, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2012
MAJOR: Computer Science  
Internship: Ezeep (Berlin based start-up company)
Having lived in India my whole life before Stanford, I am technically studying abroad at Stanford. Indeed coming to Stanford was much more than just a new university or group of friends, it was a whole new culture and part of the world. Why then would I ever consider a study abroad program? Firstly, as I learnt from my experience of coming to Stanford, moving to a whole new part of the world is phenomenal. One discovers people and perspectives very different from the past and the similarities and differences in cultures are at once entertaining and inspiring. I was ready to do this one more time and going to Berlin was one step further out of my comfort zone.Read full profile »

Past Student Advisors

photo of Daniel Smith Daniel Scott Smith — Stanford in Berlin, Winter, Spring 2009, Krupp Internship Program, Fall – Winter 2009-10
MAJOR: English Literature, Art History  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Romantic – Early Modern Literature, Byzantine Art, International Comparative Education, History of Education
Growing up, it was called “going abroad,” not BOSP. Indeed, going abroad had its own definitive meaning, which included going to China for one semester, learning Mandarin, and eventually tying everything into one perfectly neat undergraduate career, through which I would have a stellar demonstration of both theoretical understanding of how the world works and practical experience and expertise in that very same subject, on my own, predetermined terms. Read full profile »
Andy Whitmore —Stanford in Berlin, Spring 2010-11, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2011
MAJOR: Product Design ADVISOR: William Burnett
Going abroad was never really part of the plan. I came to Stanford completely ignorant of the Bing overseas programs, and when on campus allowed all of the publicity and hype to slide to a dull buzz at the back of my head. Even when my advisor insisted that it would be an invaluable experience, I simply nodded, smiled and silently dismissed the idea. I declared late, and in engineering. I just didn’t have the time, I justified to myself. Plus, Stanford was great! I could always travel after. I only had four short years to enjoy school. Needless to say, I changed my mind. Read full profile »
photo of Shilpa Sarkar Shilpa Sarkar —
MAJOR: Product Design  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS: design thinking, art, outdoor education and leadership, psychology
Berlin is the hidden gem of European cities. She is not pretentious, glamorous, or self-important. Rather, in classic German fashion, she is brutally honest and wonderfully self-confident in her strengths as well as scars. She is known for her history, and yet stubbornly insists on reinventing herself continuously. She is old and new at the same time, a well-kept secret of modern day Europe. Read full profile »
photo of Crystal O'Grady Crystal O'Grady —
MAJOR: Sociology  
“Berlin ist arm, aber sexy,” (Klaus Wowereit, 2004). Translated into English, this phrase is “Berlin is poor, but sexy” and it entices you. The city itself is covered in provocative and not-so-provocative street art, but still maintains a chic and intellectually invigorating environment. Read full profile »


photo of Molly Pam Molly Pam — Spring 2008-09, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2009
MAJOR: Science Technology and Society
MINOR: Dance
Going to Berlin was somewhat of a personal experience for me.  Because of my Jewish background, I wanted to learn about the Third Reich from the German perspective.  In every interaction I had, whether with Professors, my host father, or my bosses over the summer, I learned a new perspective on Jewish German history and the way Germans treat it. Read full profile »
photo of Wendy Chuah Wendy Chuah — Autumn 2007-08, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2008
MAJOR: Political Science
MINOR: Psychology
ACADEMIC INTERESTS: National American Politics and Media, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency.
During the few months that I spent in Berlin, I learned and practiced a foreign language in my everyday life, traveled to eight different European countries, attended world class performances in the Berlin Philhamonic and opera houses, and completely fell in love with the most cultured and cosmopolitan city in the world. Read full profile »
photo of Lily Truong Lily Truong — Winter and Spring 2007-08, Krupp Internship Program, Summer 2008
MAJOR: Biomechanical Engineering  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Biomedical Devices, High-Tech Start-ups, Entrepreneurship
As an engineering student, I was naturally drawn to Germany because its engineering is known for its precision and high-quality. It is respected and deemed the best in the world. As a compulsive traveler, I had always wanted to go abroad. But I would've never imagined I could end up spending an entire 2 quarters and summer abroad while still graduating on time with my biomechanical engineering majorRead full profile »
photo of Naiming Fu Naiming Fu — Spring 2007-08, Krupp Internship Program Summer 2008
MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering  
ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics, Clean Energy
I spent my summer in the city of Magdeburg, doing an internship with our Krupp Internship Program. This former East German city is very different from Berlin, but with a quarter in Germany already under my belt, I was able to quickly adjust to my new temporary home. I gained some very valuable engineering experience. Spending a summer on my own and working in a very foreign environment was both very challenging and very fulfilling. Read full profile »
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