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There is no simple way for me to tell people, what I did while abroad. I could focus on interactions with people, activities I did, classes I took, lessons I learned, or I can honestly just say I had the best 3 months of my life.

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Taking courses in Cape Town forced me to analyze my own preconceived notions about public service, social justice, and the effects of foreign aid. My professors challenged me to reflect on my own identity as an outsider coming into a new cultural context and think about my “Americanness” as an asset rather than a liability in order to engage with the issues in this country.Marcus Leaks’ Profile

Study with Bob Siegel, Professor in Microbiology and Immunology as well as African Studies, in Spring 2012-13. Apply Now

Cape Town Program

The Cape Town program engages students in service-learning, community-based research and academic courses focused on the people, history, politics and culture of post-apartheid South Africa with an emphasis on initiatives undertaken and challenges faced by an emerging democracy. Service-learning, expected of all students, is core to the program enabling students to contribute to development efforts of the Center's NGO partners, activists and residents of Cape Town communities as they learn about them and their work. When integrated with critical reflection and concurrent coursework these opportunities deepen learning about South Africa and the ethics and practice of service in such contexts, and help ensure that the program and its participants positively impact citizens and communities of the Western Cape.