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Leading an Overseas Seminar

The Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) is now accepting proposals from Stanford faculty for the Summer Quarter 2013-2014 Overseas Seminars. Overseas Seminars are two-unit classes taught by Stanford faculty in locations around the world that have direct relevance to the course topic. Seminars take place over a period of three weeks during summer. Course content should be academically rigorous and unique, but at the same time general enough to be accessible to a wide range of undergraduates. The capacity of each seminar is 15 students.

Proposing An Overseas Seminar

Please download the Application Guidelines for the Summer Quarter 2013-14 Overseas Seminars for additional details (available here).  

A complete application consists of the following:

  1. Completed application form (available here)
  2. 1-3 page proposed seminar description (please follow the proposal outline)
  3. Current curriculum vitae (abbreviated version)

Please submit your application materials (#1-3) online at:

Deadline for submitting call for proposals for the Summer Quarter 2013-14: February 15, 2013

For any questions, please contact Naoko Sakata, Overseas Seminars Coordinator, at

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Applicants for Faculty Leaders are accepted from any current Stanford faculty member who belongs to the Academic Council. Non-tenure track Stanford faculty may be considered occasionally, as may emeriti. Please inquire about your specific circumstances.

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Application Process

Each year, in Winter Quarter, BOSP invites Stanford Academic Council faculty to consider applying to lead an overseas seminar during Summer Quarter of the following academic year. This is an approximately 18 months cycle. BOSP will contact faculty whose submissions are most consistent with its objectives in March/April of the year prior to request additional materials including a day-to-day seminar schedule and work with faculty on developing seminar proposals and budgets throughout Summer. The final approval notifications will be made by September of the year prior considering the logistical and financial feasibility of the fully developed seminar proposal.

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Length Of Seminar & Dates

An Overseas Seminar typically lasts 19-21 days. A standard breakdown is: 1 arrival day, 1 orientation day, 15 class days, 2 free days, and 1 departure day. Student accommodation is arranged from the evening of the arrival date until the night prior to the departure date and should not exceed 21 nights. The earliest arrival date is a week after Spring Quarter commencement. The latest possible departure date is a week prior to the first day of instructions of the Autumn Quarter. The most preferred dates for students are late August to mid-September and late June to mid-July so that the seminar will not disrupt employment or internship opportunities over the summer. Free days should not be allocated right before the departure date.

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Faculty Compensation & Reimbursement

Faculty leader will receive a $7,500 payment for leading an Overseas Seminar.  If a seminar is co-led by more than one faculty member, this amount is split as determined by the participating faculty. Round trip airfare (upgradeable economy class) to the seminar location, accommodation for the duration of the seminar, and meal expenses are reimbursed to faculty based on the program budget and following standard Stanford business travel procedures.

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Faculty Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Seminar Faculty Leader are more comprehensive than the standard duties of faculty member teaching a course on the Stanford campus. To reduce the logistical burden on faculty, BOSP may identify an on-site provider to help faculty with arrangements and logistics and share responsibilities for in-country emergencies. For more information on faculty leader responsibilities and conditions, please refer to the Faculty Guidelines and Responsibilities.

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Prerequisites & Pre-Seminar Course Option

Some past seminar faculty have found it beneficial to offer a pre-seminar course with minimal units in the Spring Quarter to prepare the students academically and culturally for the rigorous demands of the three-week program.  Faculty who wish to offer a pre-seminar course will need to indicate this plan on the seminar proposal.  Pre-seminar courses will need to be coordinated through the home department or program.

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Course Credit & Grading

Students receive two units of credit for an Overseas Seminar. This credit will be awarded as part of the Summer Quarter. No additional unit will be granted. BOSP will assign course numbers for the classes and creates course records in PeopleSoft. The Faculty leader will determine the grading basis for their Overseas Seminars. Seminars can be offered for letter grade OR for credit.

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