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Internship Opportunities

Mentored internships provide students in Florence with the opportunity to acquire valuable academic and professional experience. By offering in-depth exposure to Italian organizations, internships allow Stanford students to improve their skills in the Italian language and increase their knowledge of Italian business, political, and cultural communities.  While traditionally internships were only an opportunity for two-quarter students, we now have selected internships available for highly qualified and motivated students that are only staying in Florence for one quarter. 

Internships can be taken for academic credit or can be done simply as a way to gain work experience.  If taken for credit they can be 1-5 units, letter grade optional, and must be taken above twelve units of Stanford in Florence coursework.  Students will be required to sign a formal work contract, to respect their assigned hours and to submit weekly response papers in Italian to Stanford’s Internship Coordinator.  On-site internship mentors will provide frequent reports to Stanford and will submit a final evaluation of the intern. 
Interested students should begin discussing their proposals with the Florence Program’s Internship Coordinator by the end of the 4th week of the quarter before the start of the internship.    

Please note that all final decisions regarding placement are at the discretion of the internship hosts and will be based on availability, students’ relevant academic and professional experiences and language skills.  All students need to do a preliminary interview with Stanford’s internship coordinator and then with the internship host. 

For a selected list of internships in the fields of Art, Business, Medicine, Public Health, Fashion, Journalism, Publishing, Politics and NGOs, among others, please see the list of selected internships. To read selected student internship profiles, please view the internship profiles page.Top of page

Research Opportunities

Students in Florence are encouraged to be ambitious and resourceful in taking advantage of the unique research opportunities offered by studying overseas. If you plan to stay more than one quarter, you will have the option of doing a research project during your second or third quarter in Florence. You are advised to work in close consultation with both the center director and your faculty advisor to plan a project. All plans must be approved by the center director well in advance of the intended quarter of research.

Student Grants for Research Overseas
Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) administers several grants that can support research overseas, including the Quarterly and Major Grants. Help to prepare for the grant competitions is available via email. For deadlines, directions, and specific policies regarding off-campus research, please visit the UAR student grants website. Students who have taken directed readings or internships in Florence have often found that through one of the UAR grants they have been able to come back to Florence during the summer to complete their research project.

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