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Program Locations

Post-Reunion Optional Tours

Given the numerous people who have expressed an interest in a trip after the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Giuseppe Mammarella, Director Emeritus, Stanford Program in Florence, has personally designed a few itineraries that combine Tuscany with the Tyrrhenian coast, Umbria, Liguria or Piedmont. We hope, these different options will suit a variety of your interests and also provide you with a truly unique insight into the hidden treasures, authentic food and ancient traditions of those regions. In addition, for the more active among you, he has proposed a few days of walks and hikes amidst vineyards, farmhouses and unforgettable landscapes. Finally, for those who wish to bring children along and introduce them to the delights of Tuscany, he has selected a highly specialized team that will be organizing a family-friendly trip. He will travel for a day or two with each trip.

Please visit the Florence 50th Reunion tours website hosted by Effetto for more information and to register for a post-reunion optional tour.