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Devin King - Student Profile

Stanford in Florence, Winter 2011-2012

MAJOR: International Relations

INTERNSHIP: San Pietro Igneo Hospital

My name is Devin King and I am a International Relations major studying abroad in Florence.  As part of the Florience program I am taking courses in Florentine Renaissance Art, Italian Cinema during World War II as well as taking an Italian Language class.  However, one of the most rewarding aspects about the program is the ability to participate in an internship while in Florence, since they align so well with my interests.

My main interests lie in global healthcare and medicine, and I've done some international work in this field both in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. I also volunteer regularly at a Stanford Arbor Free Clinic where we provide free healthcare to uninsured people in the community.

I have been participating in an internship within the orthopedic division of the Hospital of San Pietro Igneo in Fucecchio, Italy.  At this internship in the orthopedic division I have had the opportunity to sit in on several orthopedic total joint replacement surgeries and collaborate on an orthopedic study on the efficacy of Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA). This orthopedic division is considered among the most prestigious in the nation and includes top doctors such as Doctor Pierfrancesco Indelli and world renowned Professor Massimiliano Marcucci. These doctors want to assess their success rates in THA operations and compare two brands of prosthetic implants. Therefore, in addition to shadowing operations and being able to ask questions while the surgeons are operating, I am also helping conduct a trial which follows 100 THA patients and their recovery respective to surgery type and prosthesis brand. This paper will be published in the November 2012 issue of the Journal of Orthopaedic Science.


         Picture of Devin (left) with Dr.Pier Francesco Indelli, her mentor.

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