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What I Did in Florence…

Current Student Advisors

Keith Calix - Winter 2011-12
MAJOR: International Relations MINORS: Modern Languages
I can honestly say that my time in Florence was one of the most special experiences of my life. Having been raised by an Italian mother in a close knit Italian community in Queens, New York, I was eager to connect with the family in Italy I had always heard stories about and in the process learn more about the interesting personalities and family traditions I had always been surrounded mystified and intrigued by.Read full profile »
Nicole DeMont—Florence, Winter and Spring 2010-11

MAJOR: Politcal Science

MINOR: Psycology
I had never traveled outside of the United States, so by the time I had been accepted to Stanford, I was itching to go abroad somewhere. After taking Spanish in high school, I wanted to try something new, and my freshman RA advised me, “You have to take Italian with Professor Tempesta. It will change your life.” Read full profile »

Past Student Advisors

Nick Rosellini - Winter 2010-11
MAJOR: International Relations MINORS: Modern Languages, Economics
For me, studying in Florence was the chance to relive the greatest adventure of my life for a second time. In third grade my family (randomly) moved to Vicenza, Italy for a year while my dad did a year-long sabbatical at the NATO base there. My ever-sensitive parents promptly thrust my brother and me into Italian public school, with no knowledge of the Italian language and no desire to desert our thoroughly non-Italian lives in our suburb outside of Seattle.Read full profile »
photo of Alexis Arnold Alexis Arnold -

MAJORS: Psychology and Italian

Academic Interests:  

Being of Italian blood and having spoken the language in high school, I came to Stanford knowing I wanted to study abroad in Florence. More than anything, I sought to satisfy a perpetual wanderlust that countless travels had instilled in me. But it wasn’t until I embarked on my long-awaited study abroad journey that I realized Florence is more than a classroom, and certainly more than a travel destination. To study in Florence is to develop an entirely new way of living that penetrates every part of your being, forever changing who you are and how you approach the world. Read Alexis' profile »

photo of Gianna Masi Gianna Masi -

MAJOR: French and Italian

Academic Interests:  

I knew I wanted to study abroad long before attending Stanford. I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go, but looking back it is easy to see why I chose Florence as my destination; I grew up in a large family whose Italian roots showed mostly through loud conversation and lots of pasta. Studying Italian upon arrival at Stanford seemed like a natural way to connect with my heritage and learn more about where I come from, and studying in Florence even more so. I was determined to be abroad in Italy for two quarters so I could get the most out of my time there.Read Gianna's profile »

photo of Joe Oehmke Joe Oehmke - Florence, Winter 2008-09 & Oxford, Spring 2008-09

MAJOR: History
MINOR: Political Science

Academic Interests: Democracy, American and Japanese History, Creative Writing  

I first went to Florence during spring break of my senior year in high school. It was only one stop on a ten-day tour of Italy, but the two days I spent in Firenze were more than enough to get me hooked. It was during that break that I decided to enroll at Stanford, and soon after returning to the States I was thrilled to discover that Stanford had a campus in Florence. Thus, the choice to study abroad there was an easy one for me; I had been planning it since before freshman year! But I still could never have anticipated just how much my overseas experience in Florence would mean to me.Read full profile »

photo of Ana Maria Sanchez Ana Maria Sanchez - Florence, Autumn & Winter 2008-09

MAJOR: International Relations
MINOR: Italian and French

Academic Interests: International Development  

Before spending my 6 wonderful months in Florence, my biggest dream and goal - for as long as I can remember - was to have the opportunity to experience Italy and its culture firsthand. Year after year I dreamt of going to the 1-month long trip prepared by the Italian school I attended in Colombia for 10th grade. Unfortunately, I just missed the trip, as my family and I decided to move to America two years before it was going to finally be my turn to go with my school friends to what older generations called, “the trip of a lifetime.” At that moment, I thought I would never be able to have such an experience, but it was this thought itself that pushed me ahead to find my way to have my own “trip of a lifetime.” It was thanks to the Stanford abroad program that my dreams and goals were more than fulfilled, they were completely and unexpectedly surpassed, and that I did get my life-changing trip, and the best 6 months of my life. Read full profile »

photo of Kaitlin Asrow Kaitlin Asrow — Florence, Winter and Spring 2007-08

MAJOR: International Relations
MINOR: Art History

Academic Interests: Human Rights/Public Policy  
Italy was also the perfect combination of my interest in international affairs with my love of art history. I felt that the Florence program offered me all the academic opportunities that I wanted and was the ideal location to see Europe from. I expected to take Stanford classes and to travel with my friends, but I never expected to gain a new family in the people I met and lived with, and to leave the country with such a deep respect and understanding for the culture.Read full profile »
photo of Amanda Romero Amanda Romero — Florence, Spring 2007-08

MAJOR: Anthropological Sciences
MINOR: Italian

Academic Interests: Medical anthropology, Italian, Public health  
Along with getting to know the life of a Florentine, we took a road trip through the Tuscan hillsides, swam in the Blue Grotto, hiked Cinqueterre, went to Venice for Carnivale and so much more. But no matter where we went, there were always Italians ready to tell us why their city was the most beautiful and most historical in all of Italia and tell us how best to explore their world. Read full profile »
photo of Leigh Biddlecome Leigh Biddlecome —Overseas Seminar, The Pursuit of Peace: From the Enlightenment to the United Nations, Geneva, Autumn 2006. Oxford, Autumn and Spring 2006-07. Florence, Winter 2006-07

MAJOR: English
MINOR: Art History

MAJOR ADVISOR : Christopher Rovee

Academic Interests: British modernism and the relation of visual art and literary culture
I knew from the time I applied to Stanford that I would spend my junior year abroad, although I never could have guessed the extent to which this time away would eventually shape my undergraduate experience.  Read full profile »
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