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As an international student studying in the US, originally it might seem strange for me to be going back to Europe for a quarter. But after hearing all the great stories from friends and teammates about their experiences, the Bing Overseas Study Program seemed like another opportunity to live and study abroad that I couldn’t refuse.Becky's Profile

Ernest Hemingway wasn't kidding when he said that “nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night." Hemingway neglected to mention that the days in Madrid are just as rigorous and full of life. My seven months in Spain were the most fulfilling of my Stanford career, both intellectually and personally.Yuliya's Profile


Ever thought about studying Flamenco dancing? You should consider applying to Madrid for Spring 2012-13 and take the Flamenco Dance course offered.  The objective of this class is to become acquainted with different rhythms and styles of flamenco, and to learn to express the feelings proper of this art form. The program includes study of zapateado (footwork), braceo (arm positions and movement technique) and several choreographies, including Rumba flamenca and Sevillanas.Apply Now

2013-14 Madrid Language


The Bing Overseas Studies Program in Madrid will be changing the language prerequisite for the program during the 2013-14 academic year.  Participants must have completed SPANLANG 3, 2A OR equivalent in order to go on the program for the 2013 -14 academic year. For this current academic year the prerequisite will remain at Spanlang 13.