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What I Did in Madrid …

Current Student Advisors

Becky Dru — Winter 2011-12

MAJOR: Human Biology

Varsity Athlete : Field Hockey


As an international student studying in the US, originally it might seem strange for me to be going back to Europe for a quarter. But after hearing all the great stories from friends and teammates about their experiences, the Bing Overseas Study Program seemed like another opportunity to live and study abroad that I couldn’t refuse.Read full profile »
Yuliya Mykhaylovska— Autumn and Winter 2011-12

MAJOR: International Relations

MINOR: Modern Languages


Ernest Hemingway wasn't kidding when he said that “nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night." Hemingway neglected to mention that the days in Madrid are just as rigorous and full of life. My seven months in Spain were the most fulfilling of my Stanford career, both intellectually and personally. Read full profile »

Past Student Advisors

Eliana Arredondo — Autumn and Winter - 2010-11

MAJOR: International Relations

MINOR: Middle Eastern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


It may sound strange, but I guess you could say that study abroad runs in my family. My parents studied abroad, my sister studied abroad, and we hosted exchange students from various countries. Growing up with these experiences, I knew I wanted to major in International Relations especially since I would have to study abroad. So I started looking at the Bing programs and realized that Spain had a Spanish-only pledge, exactly what I was looking for to improve my Spanish. Read full profile »


Nick Mascarenhas —Autumn 2010-11

MAJOR: Biology



Even now, a year after my stay in Madrid, I find it hard to pinpoint my reasons for studying abroad. Perhaps it was my desire to perfect my Spanish, or maybe it was that I needed a change of pace from the pre-med science classes I had been taking at Stanford. Regardless of why I made the decision, I prepared for my study abroad experience acutely aware of the vast impact that ten weeks in Madrid would have on me.Read full profile »


photo of Alejandra Lynberg Alejandra Lynberg —

MAJOR: International Relations
MINOR: Science, Technology and Society


Academic Interests:

Exactly one year ago I had just begun my biggest adventure yet: my study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain. My mother is Spanish, from a small city in the north, and I have had the chance to visit Spain on a number of occasions, but always for brief periods of time. Many people asked me why I chose to study in Spain since I visit the country frequently. The answer seemed quite simple to me. I very much wanted Spain to be a big part of my life, because I have a deep love for Spain and its people, including my relatives who live there. My experiences in my homestay, in the classroom, and in my travels not only fortified this love but also revealed the wealth and beauty of Spain’s culture and history while also teaching me valuable lessons about cross-cultural relations. Read Alejandra's profile »
photo of Matthew Willmott Mateo Willmott — Madrid, Winter 2008-09

MAJOR: History

MINOR: Spanish


Academic Interests: Nationalism; Atlantic, Spanish and Latin American history; European intellectual history

The circumstances that brought me to Madrid winter quarter of my sophomore year were fortuitous, perhaps even random, and yet my quarter abroad with BOSP in Madrid has fundamentally changed my Stanford experience and the way in which I view myself in the world.  Studying abroad requires a bit of planning, and I had known when I arrived on campus freshman year that I had wanted to go abroad.Read Mateo's profile »
photo of Justine Massey Justine Massey — Madrid, Autumn 2008-09

MAJOR: Art Studio

MINOR: Creative Writing


Academic Interests: Art and Community, Picasso in Gertrude Stein’s Salon Independent Study

It’s hard for me to begin writing about my experience in Madrid because it makes up such a colossal part of my life and how I view myself now that it doesn’t quite fit into a document, I’m not sure I can do it justice.  But I will try.Read full profile »

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