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Program Locations

Non-Stanford Study Abroad Opportunities

Step 4: Select your Program Choices

Begin the process of choosing down your array of choices by evaluating the quality of a certain program as well as its capacity to satisfy your interests and needs. You can discuss program and course choices with appropriate individuals on campus, including your academic advisors, Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) advisors, faculty, academic department/program administrators, and the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) staff.

Also, try consulting some alumni by contacting the programs of interest and ask for references. Other U.S. students who have been on study abroad programs are usually more than willing to discuss their experiences. Not only their testimony can help you to understand more not only about specific countries and programs, but also about being an international student abroad.

Step 5: Prepare your Application(s)

Based on the research and conversations with all appropriate individuals, and your own evaluation of each program, make your final selection of the program(s) that would be the best fit for your academic interests and needs and prepare an application for each program.


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