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Program Locations

Preparing to Go

Before Leaving Stanford - Housing & Dining

ALL students must terminate their on-campus housing contract before studying overseas.

  • BOSP participants must file a Termination of Occupancy notice online with the Housing Assignments Office by the published deadline in their Orientation quarter: Termination of Occupancy Form
  • It is the responsibility of each incoming student to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Housing Assignments Office with regard to the termination of housing contracts. Please consult HAO’s website for further details on termination.

Waitlisted Students

Students who are waitlisted for any program should NOT terminate their on-campus housing contract until they are formally offered a spot in the program. If this offer of admission to BOSP occurs after the expiration of the Housing Assignments Office’s termination deadline, the student who accepts admission to BOSP will be able to terminate their housing contract at a later date without financial penalty.

Returning Students

ALL students must reapply for on-campus housing, regardless of which quarter is spent overseas.

Students should check with the Housing Assignments Office for more information about deadlines, requirements, and waitlists.