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Participant Requirements - CASB Required Materials



Due Friday April 20, 2012-Required Materials

1. CASB On-line Form to be completed before the designated deadline given by the CASB Center. This will be emailed to you directly from the Barcelona Staff.


2. Passport Scan Every BOSP participant must have a signed passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the scheduled return date from the overseas program. Please scan the passport information page that includes the page with your biometric information and signature. For non-US citizens with passports that have the biometric data on one page and signature on another, please copy them so that both appear on one page.

Upload the scanned passport information page to the online application system. If you did this when you accepted your spot in the program, you’ve fulfilled this requirement. If you did not, you need to upload it to your profile. Go to, login, go to the Profile link on the left-hand navigation bar and scroll to the bottom of your profile. Upload a jpg file.


3. Digital Photo Scan

Scan one passport photo* and upload it to your profile (see instructions above to navigate to your profile).

*Quality and size? See photo composition guidelines

Where to purchase photos?
On campus - Bechtel International Center
Off campus - Keeble & Shuchat Photography, 290 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA


4. Official Stanford University Transcript
Please request your official transcript via Axess to send it to you and submit it to Bing Overseas Studies Program. Your transcript must be sealed and unopened. If you would like to request to have it mailed directly to BOSP instead, be sure to put Bing Overseas Studies Program, Ground Floor, Sweet Hall, 590 Escondido Mall, Stanford CA 94305-3089 in the mailing address, and Victoria Wilhelmsen and your name in parenthesis in the receiver’s information.


5. Completed CASB Health Form


6. A photocopy of your health insurance card (and ISIC card, if applicable) (including the name of the company, the policy number and your name).


Due Friday May 4, 2012- Visa Materials


7. 3 passport photos


8. Photocopy of SUID


9. Spanish National Visa Application, SIGNED (1 original and 2 copies)


10. Non-US citizens ONLY: photocopy of greencard or student visa and I-20


11. Evidence of Funds: You may provide ONE of the following

• Proof of financial aid or scholarship of at least $2,200 per month
• Notarized letter of parents/guardians, assuming full financial responsibility of at least $2,200 per month.


12. Print out of your flight itinerary


13. Original Letter of Proof of Comprehensive International Health Insurance
If you are on Cardinal Care, please request this proof of coverage letter for the Academic Year 2010-11 AND 2011-12 from Vaden Clinic Insurance Office. If you are on (or will be on) a private health insurance, you must request a proof of coverage letter directly from your health insurance company. Please note that a proof of coverage letter needs to at least indicate that your insurance has international coverage for the intended period of stay in Spain, at a minimum of 30,000 euros or its equivalent in US dollars (the amount subject to change) as required by the Spanish Consulate, and also cover medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.


14. Original Passport


15. Money Order for $140 made out to:

Victoria Wilhelmsen

(These can be purchased fro the post office or directly from a bank)

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