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Program Locations

Preparing to Go Checklist

Some items may not apply to Seminar, Consortium,or non-Stanford programs

__ Have a passport that is valid six months after the date of departure from the program location.

__ Download and read the Orientation Folder (located here).

__ Book flights and make any other necessary travel arrangements.

__ Submit the required materials to BOSP no later than the 3rd Friday of the quarter.

__ Attend the Academic and Cultural Orientation and pick up your program books.

__ Purchase an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) to get additional insurance coverage and student discounts such as plane tickets, museums, and trains.

__Take care of these administrative items before leaving Stanford:

 __ Clear any holds on your record in Axess.

 __ You must delare your major if you are a junior or a senior.

 __ Make sure that you complete a Termination of Occupancy form (TOC) to give notice that you are leaving housing at the end of the term. Please consult the HAO website for details.

 __ Update your address on AXESS (DO NOT change it to the program address) and go to the Post Office (or online) to forward your mail.

 __ Let your advisors and professors know that you will be overseas.

 __Enroll in a minimum of 12 untis through your BOSP program.

 __ Pay your University Bill (which should be mailed to the address on file with AXESS).

__ Make sure that you have sufficient health insurance coverage for the entire time that you are overseas with BOSP. It is the responsibility of the student to understand his/her health insurance.

__ Make an appointmnt with the Travel Clinic in Vaden at 650.428.2336 ext. 1 or with your personal physician to get any new vaccinations you may need or to discuss health concerns about traveling overseas.

__ If you have prescription medications, arrange with your healthcare provider to bring a supply sufficient to cover your entire stay overseas. Check with the embassy of your program location for a list of common banned perscriptions.

__Stanford University Student-Athletes: Meet with your AARC advisors to review your course enrollment while abroad, as you will need to verify that you're carrying the necessary courses to remain eligible when you return to Stanford for the following term.

__ Create a communication plan with your family that uses a reliable method of communication (such as Skype, email, phone, etc.). This plan should spell out when you will contact your family on a regular basis to check in.

__ Prepare your method of finances (amount of local currency in cash, atm card with 4-digit pin, notify your credit card companies of your travel plans).

__ Leave at least two copies of your passport information page, visa, travel itinerary, credit cards, and prescriptions with your family/loved ones.

__ If you are a U.S. citizen, register your trip with the U.S. Department of State online and keep a printout of the registration with you overseas.

__ Pack light and label all of your luggage! Research carry-on and checked baggage regulations with the Transportation and Security Administration and your airline before you pack. Take your passport, visa, money, program book, guide, and orientation fodler in your carry-on luggage.

__ Reconfirm your flight!