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Program Locations

Preparing to Go

Before Leaving Stanford - Registration & Records

In order to study overseas with the BOSP programs as a Stanford student, you must:

  • be cleared of all holds from your record.
  • have declared your major if you’re a junior or senior.
  • be enrolled in the classes you’re taking through the overseas program.

Academic Standing

You must be in good academic standing to participate in any Bing Overseas Studies Program. You are ineligible to participate if you are on probation, provisional registration or suspension status for any reason.

Questions? Contact the Office of the University Registrar

Holds on Your Registration

  • Holds may be placed on a your registration due to outstanding bills or failure to declare a major (if you are a junior or senior).
  • To find out if you have any holds on your record, log onto Axess.
  • Holds can be extremely difficult to clear from an overseas location. Before leaving campus, be sure that all bills are paid, library books are returned, and you have declared your major so that a hold is not placed after you have left the country.

Enrolling in BOSP Courses

  • Courses for the next academic year will be posted on the BOSP website in December to aid students in completing their applications and planning for their time overseas.
  • In August, Axess will open with course information for the coming academic year.  Approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter, students will be able to enroll in courses for that quarter.
  • The quarterly Time Schedule will be available to students who are overseas so they can plan for their next quarter.
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  • Axess is available 24 hours a day, though all deadlines are still set to Pacific Time at 11:59 p.m.
  • You will have access to computers at the program where you can log onto Axess. The availability of internet access will be dependent upon the program’s office hours.

Study Lists

Axess opens for enrollment approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter.

  • You must enroll in classes through Axess.
  • You must take a minimum of 12 units of courses offered through the program.


  1. In Axess, click on the “Search for Classes” link, select the term you wish to be overseas, and click the Basic Search button.
  2. In the Basic Search window, go to the “Location” pull-down menu and select the location of your program.  Do NOT select any other search criteria.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. The resulting list will show all of the courses offered at at the selected location. Every course will have an OSPxxx number.  If a regular campus department is offering credit for a course, you will see more than one listing:  one for the OSPxxx number and one or more others (ARTHIST, POLISCI, etc.). Select one of the regular department numbers when one is available since this is what will show on your transcript.  The OSPxxx numbers should be used only when no other number is available.  Courses are listed in alphabetical order by “Subject,” so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to find POLISCI and URBANST.
  5. To enroll in a Directed Reading or one of the classes at local universities, use the “Independent Study Search.”  On the Independent Study search page, select the Subject that corresponds to your program, OSPxxx.
  6. When you have finished selecting your courses, remember to go to the Add Classes page and SUBMIT the classes. They will then be added to your study list.
  7. Review your study list often to ensure you are enrolled in the courses you want with the correct department number, grading option, and number of units.
  8. You are fully responsible for what is entered (or missing) on your study list.
  9. The Office of the University Registrar will not approve petitions to make changes after the deadlines unless the problem is a result of an error on the part of University administration
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  • As a BOSP participant, you are required to follow the same deadlines as students who are on-campus.
  • For a posting of these academic deadlines, log onto Axess to view the quarterly Time Schedule.

Study List Changes

  • You can drop/add courses, change grading options (when available), and withdraw from classes via Axess while overseas.
  • At some locations, a different set of deadlines will apply for specific courses. Your program staff will inform you if this is the case.
  • Once a deadline has passed, you will not be able to change your study list. No exceptions will be made by the Office of the University Registrar for students who are overseas.


  • Course evaluations are completed and submitted in the same manner as on campus.
  • The program Director will receive the evaluation results for local faculty and will discuss the results with them as appropriate.


Grades will be posted on Axess soon after the end of the quarter. In some cases, the program Director will post grades on the behalf of local faculty.

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Graduating Seniors

  • If you plan to graduate at the end of your quarter overseas, you must apply to graduate before leaving to study overseas.
  • Coterminal students planning to have a BA and MA conferred on the same date must apply to graduate in both degree programs at the same time.
  • If you are graduating at the end of Spring Quarter AND you need units from spring quarter to complete your graduation requirements, contact the Director of your program to ask if it will be possible to have your grades submitted by the deadline for senior grades. NOTE: This is not possible for the Kyoto program and may be difficult to arrange for the Oxford program.

Leaves of Absence

If, while you are overseas, you decide to take a leave of absence from Stanford for any quarter, you must inform the Office of the University Registrar of your intentions by filing a “Leave of Absence” form.

  • The Leave of Absence form requires the signature of a Residence Dean and a professional advisor in Undergraduate Advising and Research. Contact the Office of Residential Education and Undergraduate Advising and Research directly to arrange to have your Leave of Absence endorsed. Return the completed form directly to:

    Office of the University Registrar

    Attn: Undergraduate Degree Progress
    630 Serra Street, Ste. 120
    Stanford, CA 94305-6032

  • The request must be received before the first day of classes to avoid paying any tuition charges for the quarter.
  • Starting with the first day of classes, there is a pro-rated tuition charge for each day that a student is considered an active student until the student files a Leave of Absence. Avoid those charges by informing the Office of the University Registrar as soon as possible that you plan to take a leave for a particular quarter.
  • Please note, a student on leave of absence must submit a “Returning Student’s Request to Register” form at least one month prior to the quarter s/he wishes to return.
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