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I applied to the Stanford program at Oxford for several reasons: I’ve always wanted to study in Europe, I wanted to dive deep into my academic interests, and I wanted the chance to make new friends in a close setting. My experience there delivered on all of these goals and taught me so much more.

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At Stanford, we often focus on how what we are doing can change the world, but being abroad in Oxford allowed me to see how being in a new world can change you. I would recommend studying in Oxford to anyone who is eager for an experience that will challenge you academically, broaden you culturally, and surprise you constantly.Read Annie's Profile

Study with Walter Powell, Professor in the School of Education in Spring 2013. He will be teaching two courses in Oxford, one on Organizations and Society and Global Civil Society.


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Oxford Program

The Oxford Program enhances the academic experience by exposing Stanford students to the daily life of Oxford University. All Oxford students and faculty are members of a college, and associate membership of a college is arranged for all participants in the Stanford-in-Oxford program.
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