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The city of Oxford sits at the meeting place of the Thames and Cherwell Rivers, about sixty miles northwest of London. The 39 colleges that form a core element of Oxford University dominate its lovely city center. Oxford is the oldest English-language university in the world and has been in existence for more than to 8 centuries.

A unique aspect of the Stanford in Oxford program is the tutorial requirement. All participants are expected to devote a minimum of 6 units of their coursework towards the tutorial, which provides an opportunity for focusing on a particular academic topic in a very intense, in-depth format. For more information on the tutorial, read details under the Academic Program section.

Please note: Due to a recent change by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), students participating in the Oxford program may only stay for a maximum of 2 quarters.

Program Location Quarter(s)
Prerequisite(s) Language of Instruction Internship Type Living Arrangements Enrollment Capacity
Oxford Autumn Winter Spring None English None Dorm 45


The academic objective of the Oxford program is to foster students’ intellectual development and writing skills through intense, self-motivated work in their tutorials and the lecture and seminar classes. Students are expected to make good use of Oxford’s incomparable library resources. They are also encouraged, through contact with Oxford students and faculty, to develop a deeper appreciation of British and international life and culture.

Academic Prerequisites

No academic prerequisites.

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