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Program Locations

“The amazing thing about this city is not just the Eiffel Tower, or Montmartre, or the Champs-Elysées. The amazing thing is that every little street and alleyway has its own history; someone famous lived here, another worked there, another had his morning coffee at that little café on the corner. I may not have the most exciting life, but here I’m sharing the spirit of the greatest city in the world.” - Michel, taxi driverTheo Lim’s Profile

I went to Paris because I wanted an adventure. To be sure, envisioning the “city of love” probably brings to mind images of the twinkling Eiffel Tower or creamy Brie on baguette or poodles and their owners strutting down the Champs (who walks who is always the question). These things that are so Parisian, I did find there. (Mainly, the Brie…) But in Paris I also found the adventure I was looking for, though it wasn’t nearly what I had expected.Kelly Vicars’ Profile


Study with Professor Eric Roberts, Computer Science, and Lauren Rusk, Technical Communications Program, during Spring Quarter 2012-13 in Paris. Apply Now

Research/Independent Study

If you are looking to pursue a somewhat familiar subject in depth or prepare for future honors work, the Paris program offers the opportunity to conduct independent study. You are paired with a French specialist who acts as mentor and research advisor.
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