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Program Summary

Paris is among the most stimulating cities in the world. With a population of over two million in the metropolitan area and a constant influx of tourists from all over the world, Paris is the touchstone of the French economy. It is also an international hub of cultural and intellectual life that has fascinated writers, poets, and painters for centuries.

As a resident of Paris for one or more quarters, you cannot possibly exhaust the wealth of things there are to do and see in the city. By meeting new people, spending time in a French home, investigating French history in its native language, and exploring the markets, cafés, and shops particular to each arrondissement, you can begin to make Paris your own.

Program Location Quarter(s)
Prerequisite(s) Language of Instruction Internship Type Living Arrangements Enrollment Capacity
Paris Autumn Winter Spring FRENLANG 3 or FRENLANG 2A French Academic. part-time, unpaid Homestay, Dorm 40


The academic objective of the Paris program is to offer students an essential tool for understanding the underpinnings of French culture, language, politics and society. Participants in the program will be able to come to terms with both the myth and the reality of France today, through participation in courses offered in French, in internships, in volunteer work and through ongoing research in French centers of higher learning. During their stay, students will be expected to explore and make good use of all the exceptionally rich resources Paris has to offer. All students must sign a language oath, comitting themselves to speak French only in all venues associated with the Stanford Program in Paris.

Academic Prerequisites

For all quarters, participants must have completed FRENLANG 3 or FRENLANG 2A. For students who have completed the language prerequisite by other means, please contact the Stanford Language Center to determine if that preparation serves as an equivalent prerequisite.

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