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What I Did in Paris …

Current Student Advisors

Theo Lim — Winter 2011-12
MAJOR: Civil Engineering
MINORS: Urban Studies, Architectural Design

“The amazing thing about this city is not just the Eiffel Tower, or Montmartre, or the Champs-Elysées. The amazing thing is that every little street and alleyway has its own history; someone famous lived here, another worked there, another had his morning coffee at that little café on the corner. I may not have the most exciting life, but here I’m sharing the spirit of the greatest city in the world.” - Michel, taxi driver

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Kelly Vicars — Winter 2010-11
MAJOR: Individually Designed MINORS: Creative Writing, Studio Art
I went to Paris because I wanted an adventure. To be sure, envisioning the “city of love” probably brings to mind images of the twinkling Eiffel Tower or creamy Brie on baguette or poodles and their owners strutting down the Champs (who walks who is always the question). These things that are so Parisian, I did find there. (Mainly, the Brie…) But in Paris I also found the adventure I was looking for, though it wasn’t nearly what I had expected.Read full profile »

Past Student Advisors

Ali McKinney — Spring 2010-11
MAJOR: Public Policy
ADVISOR: Bruce Owen


My interest in studying abroad in Paris only strengthened during my time on the Farm. One of the first things I noticed as a freshman at Stanford was the emphasis placed by students, faculty, and staff on the abroad experience. As I talked to upperclassmen who endorsed the experience, it became clear how much of an impact these students’ abroad experiences had had on them.

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photo of Paolo Casumbal Paolo Casumbal — Stanford in Paris, Winter, Spring, & Summer 2009-2010
MAJOR: International Relations

ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Human rights violations in developing countries, international diplomacy, and the social development of transitional countries

I remember briskly walking through a busy and crowded metro station when I suddenly recognized the beautiful notes of Pachalbel’s Canon coming from around the corner; I stopped and enjoyed the impromptu concert. I remember sitting on the Pont des Arts overlooking the Seine and chatting with friends new and old while looking at the Tour Eiffel glitter in the distance. I remember my first few days in the city walking along in the nippy weather and gazing at the snow-covered cobblestone streets and church steeples. Such is the beauty and wonder that I experienced while living in Paris for eight months.

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photo of Allema Jamal Aleema Jamal —Winter, Spring & Summer 2008-09
MAJORS: International Relations  

ACADEMIC INTERESTS : International Development, Environment

Studying abroad, for me, presented the opportunity to improve my French, a skill that I felt was necessary as a student from Canada. My experience abroad however became much more, enriching to me in ways that I could not have originally imagined before my 8-months in Paris.

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photo of Alison Holliday Alison Holliday —Winter & Spring 2008-09
MAJOR: Human Biology


My year abroad in Florence and Paris was one of the best years of my life. I discovered new cultures, explored my intellectual passions, made lasting friendships, and learned a lot about myself in the process.

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photo of Chloe Bade Chloe Bade — Winter 2007-08
MAJOR: Sociology
MINOR: Film and Media Studies

ACADEMIC INTERESTS : Social Psychology and Media Representation

Without any courses in my major or minor offered, I was able to fully open my academic interests up to what I found interesting as opposed to what I should take. The most incredible of these courses was the Art History class that not only discussed French 19th century artists, but also brought us straight to the actual work, housed in the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, just to name a couple.

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photo of Maya Lopuch Maya Lopuch — Paris, Autumn 2007-08, Overseas Seminar in Leuven Belgium, Autumn 2007
MAJORS: Economics, International Relations  


Yet just a few hours after I arrived I realized that my quarter abroad would not be just a collection of the typical touristy activities. Studying abroad gave me the chance to experience Paris. For three months, I was able to lead a double life, living in Paris as if it had always been my home.

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