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Deciding to study abroad in Santiago was not difficult for me. I knew I had to study abroad in order to be fully satisfied with my Stanford experience and escaping the harsh Stanford winter in favor of a hot summer quarter in Santiago seemed like a no-brainer. Little did I know, that quarter would not only improve my Spanish and push me out of my comfort zone, but it would also introduce me to some of my new best friends and make me appreciate Stanford even more than I already did.Christie Brydon’s Profile


I’m not BOSP’s typical study abroad student. For one, I’m majoring in Atmosphere/Energy Engineering. Many Stanford students majoring in engineering immediately dismiss the idea of studying abroad, believing there’s no room in their schedules to take a quarter of mainly humanities classes. This is terribly unfortunate, as I firmly believe studying abroad benefits all those who fully embrace it. With enough planning, it’s almost always possible to fit studying abroad within a four-year Stanford undergraduate experience.

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Summer in Santiago

The Santiago program now offers a summer quarter beginning in the summer of 2014. For the academic year 2013-14 Santiago will be offered Autumn, Spring and Summer. To check out the courses that will be offered for next year please visit the database below: course database

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