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Courses 2013-14

Course Instructorsort icon Subject No. Units Term
Priests, Prophets, and Kings: Religion and Society in Late Antique Iran vevaina@stanford.edu CLASSGEN 106 4-5 Spr
Emperor, Explorer, and God: Alexander the Great in the Global Imagination vevaina@stanford.edu CLASSGEN 109 3 Win
Pompeii Jennifer Trimble CLASSART 42 3-5 Win
Archaeology of Roman Slavery Jennifer Trimble CLASSART 342 3-5 Win
Introduction Roman Archaeology Jennifer Trimble CLASSART 81 3-5 Spr
The Body in Roman Art Jennifer Trimble CLASSART 105 4-5 Spr
Beginning Greek Susan Stephens CLASSGRK 3 5 Spr
Survey of Greek and Latin Literature: Hellenistic and Late Greek Susan Stephens CLASSGEN 208C 3-5 Spr
Workshop on Teaching Classics in the Digital Age Susan Stephens CLASSGEN 339 2-4 Aut
Ancient Athletics Susan Stephens CLASSGEN 34 3-4 Win
The Romans Walter Scheidel CLASSHIS 60 3-5 Spr
Before Globalization: Understanding Premodern World History Walter Scheidel CLASSHIS 147 3-5 Spr
Early Empires: Han and Rome Walter Scheidel CLASSHIS 344 4-5 Spr
Advanced Greek: Euripides' Medea Scott Arcenas CLASSGRK 111/211 3-5 Aut
The Greeks Scott Arcenas CLASSHIS 101 4-5 Win
The Roman Empire: Its Grandeur and Fall Richard Saller CLASSHIS 24N 4 Aut
Greek Mythology Richard P. Martin CLASSGEN 18 3-5 Spr
Intermediate Greek: Homer's Iliad Richard P. Martin CLASSGRK 103 3-5 Spr
Survey of Greek and Latin Literature: Archaic Greek Richard P. Martin CLASSGEN 208A 3-5 Aut
Sappho: Erotic Poetess of Lesbos Anastasia-Erasm... CLASSGEN 24N 4-5 Spr
Majors Seminar Anastasia-Erasm... CLASSGEN 176 4-5 Win
Intermediate Greek: Greek Erotic Poetry and Prose Anastasia-Erasm... CLASSGRK 102 4-5 Win
Aristotle's Poetics Anastasia-Erasm... CLASSGRK 312 3-5 Spr
Beginning Greek Peter O'Connell CLASSGRK 1 5 Aut
Greek Syntax: Prose Composition Peter O'Connell CLASSGRK 175A/275A 2 Win
Greek Syntax: Prose Composition Peter O'Connell CLASSGRK 175B/275B 3-5 Spr
Survey of Greek and Latin Literature: Classical Greek Peter O'Connell CLASSGEN 208B 3-5 Win
Advanced Greek: Scientific Writing Reviel Netz CLASSGRK 113 3-5 Spr
Ancient Medicine Reviel Netz CLASSGEN 139 3-4 Aut
The Ancient Sciences of Geography Reviel Netz CLASSGEN 312 3-5 Spr
Eight Great Archaeological Sites in Europe Michael Shanks CLASSART 21Q 3-5 Aut
Eight Great Archaeological Sites in Europe Michael Shanks CLASSART 21Q 3-5 Spr
Urban Sustainability: Long-Term Archaeological Perspectives Michael Shanks CLASSGEN 123 3-5 Win
Ten Things: An Archaeology of Design Michael Shanks CLASSART 113/213 3-5 Win
To Die For – Antigone and Political Dissent Rush Rehm CLASSGEN 6N 4 Win
Beginning Greek Marsh McCall CLASSGRK 2 5 Win
Introduction to Greek Tragedy Marsh McCall CLASSGEN 110 4 Win
Intermediate Greek: Prose Maud Gleason CLASSGRK 101 3-5 Aut
Gender and Power in Ancient Greece Maud Gleason CLASSGEN 17 3-4 Aut
Philosophy and Literature Lanier Anderson CLASSGEN 81 5 Win
Exploring the New Testament Kirsti Copeland CLASSGEN 86 4 Win
Archaic Greek Art Jody Maxmin CLASSART 101/201 4 Aut
Greek Art In and Out of Context Jody Maxmin CLASSART 109 4-5 Aut
Empire and Aftermath: Greek Art from the Parthenon to Praxiteles Jody Maxmin CLASSART 102 4 Win
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Maritime Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean Justin Leidwanger CLASSART 145 3 Aut
Classical Archaeology Today: Ethical Issues of Excavation, Ownership, and Display Justin Leidwanger CLASSART 143 4-5 Win
Architecture & Power: Engineering the Roman Empire Justin Leidwanger CLASSART 117 3-4 Win
Doing Business in Classical Antiquity: Mediterranean Exchange Justin Leidwanger CLASSART 327 3-5 Spr
Beginning Latin John Klopacz CLASSLAT 1 5 Aut
Intermediate Latin: Introduction to Literature John Klopacz CLASSLAT 101 3-5 Aut