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Prof. Marsh McCall: Stanford Saturday University: A 25th Anniversary Celebration

Over the past three years, Continuing Studies has hosted three Saturday Universities on campus, and two at the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey. Every one of them, we are proud to say, has been a delightful intellectual indulgence, both for the faculty presenters and the hundreds of students who have come each time.

This winter’s SSU will be special because we are using the occasion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Stanford Continuing Studies (established in the 1988–1989 academic year). We have invited some of our most distinguished faculty, many who were with us at the founding, and have been loyal to the program over all these years. And we invite all of you—whether you’re new to our program or have been with us for twenty-five years—for this festive day of invigorating talk and conversation. As in the past, we are offering two tracks of four “classes” (each including a lecture and time for questions), representing a broad range of disciplines. We will start the day with coffee, muffins, and a special gift; provide a nice box lunch and afternoon refreshments; and offer plenty of food for thought.

This all-day event is part of Stanford's Continuing Studies program. The program fee is $150 and the complete schedule as well as registration info is online: https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/courses/course.php?cid=20132_SSU+106