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The Ancient Olympics Facts and Fictions, Prof. Susan Stephens giving talk at the Legion of Honor - January 26 at 10:15am

Saturday, 26 January, 10:15 am
LECTURE: The Ancient Olympics Facts and Fictions by Prof. Susan Stephens

Florence Gould Theater
Legion of Honor
100 – 34th Avenue
Lincoln Park, San Francisco

Ancient Art Council Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

supporting Ancient Art at the FAMSF since AD 1997

Cosponsored by the California Classical Association-North

Dr. Susan Stephens
Sara Hart Kimball Professor in the Humanities
Department of Classics
Stanford University

The Ancient Olympics Facts and Fictions


The ancient Olympic games have long served as an ideal. Their revival in the 19th century by Pierre de Coubertin promoted the values of universal brotherhood and the excellence of the amateur, the non-professional who competed solely for the love of the sport. Since then we have come to understand much more about the ancient games though archaeology and literary history. This lecture will discuss how the first Olympics diverged in many ways from what de Coubertin had imagined.

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