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France-Stanford Colloquium on Greek & Latin Hymnic Poetry: Religion, literature, society: Greek and Roman hymic traditions and the performance of community

Sponsored by the Stanford Department of Classics and the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

April 25 - 26, 2014, 9:00am -  6:00pm

Building 110, Room 112

Long neglected as a poor relation of flashier modes such as epic and drama, the genre of hymns in Greek and Latin literature has in recent years begun to draw the attention of researchers exploring how religion, politics, and poetry interacted in the ancient world. It has become increasingly clear that praising the gods (and elevated mortals) is fraught with meaning and power, in societies where verbal performance and the manipulation of symbols were objects of constant practice. The turn toward "cultural poetics" and ethnographic comparison within Classical studies has proceeded along very different lines in the American and French academic worlds, however. This symposium, enabled by the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, brings together scholars with varied perspectives to investigate the full range of hymnic literature. 

 ***This event is free and open to the public***

For more information on program, please email Prof. Richard Martin

Friday April 25

9 am Introduction. Richard Martin and Nadine Le Meur-Weissman

9:15-10:15 am

Israel McMullin, "First Listen: ἀκουάζομαι in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes"

10:20-11:20 am

Stephen Sansom, "Achilles' hymnic segue at Iliad 22.390" 

11:20-11:40 am. Coffee break

11:40-12:40 am

Pascale Brillet, "Performance and writing: Philodamos' Paean"

12:40- 2 pm Lunch 

2-3 pm

Alan Sheppard, "Isyllos' Inscribed Festival: Mimeticism and Innovation at Epidauros"

3-3:20 pm.  Coffee break

3:20--4:20 pm

Anne-Sophie Noël, "From hymnic attributes to stage props:the use of Apolline bow, laurel and lyre in Ion’s monody (Euripides, Ion 112-183)"

 4:20--5:20 pm

Susan Stephens, "Editing Callimachus' hymns"

5:30-6:15 pm General discussion of day 1 talks (with drinks)

Dinner. No formal plan. Graze at your leisure in Palo Alto. Restaurant suggestions will be included in the welcome packet.


Saturday April 26

9:15-10:15 am

Nadine Le Meur, "Pindar’s First Hymn: unity, occasion and performance"

10:20-11:20 am

Jean Yvonneau, "Scripta volant: literacy as a component of oral performance in Pindar"

11:20-11:40 am Coffee break

11:40am -12:40pm

Ombretta Cesca, "Singing a gentle Dionysos: Myths of resistance and the Homeric Hymn 7"

12:40-2pm lunch

2-3 pm

Christine Hunzinger, "The rustle of performances in the Homeric Hymn to Pan"

3-3:20 pm Coffee

3:20-4:20 pm

Ewen Bowie, "Placing Philicus: the Hymn to Demeter"

4:20--5:20 pm

Olivier Thévenaz, "Catullus' and Horace's hymns to Diana (poem 34, Odes 1.21):

Roman echoes of Greek songs, mimesis, and bookish performance"

5:20-6pm General discussion of day 2 and future plans (with drinks)

7pm Dinner for participants: Taipan (560 Waverley St., Palo Alto)
























































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