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Daniela Dueck (Bar Ilan Univ.): Analphabetic geography

 Co-sponsored by the Classics Department and the Program in History and Philosophy of Science.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Building 110, Room 112

Talk begins at 5:15 PM, with light refreshments served at 5:00 PM.

What did common people in Greek and Roman societies know, or could know, about geography? The great majority of modern discussions of the life and ideas of the ancients are based on literary texts, which, by definition, reflect the world of free, educated, elite males. Illiterate males, women and children are usually left out for mere absence of evidence. The talk focuses on recovering the geographical knowledge that could be available to them, even if illiterate.

Daniela Dueck is an associate professor at Bar Ilan university. She is the author of Geography in Classical Antiquity (Cambridge, 2012) and is currently studying fragments of lost geographical works and popular ideas of geography in Greek and Roman societies.