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Sylvian Fachard:Confronting Settlement Patterns, Resources and Population: A Territorial Analysis of the 'chora' of Eretria

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
5:15, refreshments at 5:00
Building 110, Room 112
Stanford campus
A territorial study of the Eretrian territory at the level of the demes and the microregions can offer a model for studying the interaction between settlement patterns, population and agriculture. Although focused on Eretria, the talk will also draw comparisons with other city-states, mostly Attica, but also Boeotia.

Sylvian Fachard (Ph.D. Lausanne) was Assistant Director of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece from 2002 to August 2011. His research interests include Greek archaeology, ancient history, and historical geography. He is currently a Fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies. His present research focuses on the borders of Attica, with emphasis on the regional, cultural and economic history of the borderland from the Archaic to the Roman period.