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Stanford Classics in Theater play: Women On Top, An occupy wall street satire based on Aristophanes’ ancient Greek comedy, Assemblywomen

May 10-12, 8pm (doors at 7:45pm) 
Elliott Program Center
589 Governor's Avenue
Stanford campus
Sick and tired of watching their clients screw the economy over (and over), the working-girls of Wall Street have hatched a cunning plan -- to infiltrate the power patriarchy of Oldman Sachs Inc., and teach its bumbling One-Percenters how to spread the wealth.  Armed with song, dance, and some very comic phalluses, Fellatia and her chorus-line of call girls are ready to do some serious occupying. But will the suits see through their disguises? And is America really ready for their radical reforms?
In this original adaptation of Aristophanes’ Assembly Women, we're bringing ancient comedy back to life with a modernized twist on an age-old story of sex, money, and power. Come join the movement!
Tickets: Free for all students at any institution and Stanford affiliates (with ID). $5 general public.
Reservations: email montagne@stanford.edu (recommended for groups)

More Info: scit.stanford.edu