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Stanford Classics in Theater performs a contemporary re-telling of Euripides' "Cyclops" at Toyon Hall, May 23-25


 May 23rd-May 25th


Toyon Hall


Otis and Us of Ithaca, New York are like any old band touring the Williamsburg circuit. They're tearing up stages, bagging chicks, and rolling their own fair-trade tobacco cigarettes all while keeping to a strict locavore, vegan, paleo-diet. Worn and exhausted from their most recent conquests at Coachella, the merry band of brooding hipsters gets lost on their journey home and ends up on star-studded Sunset Boulevard in the lair of Polly Famous, the infamous Hollywood man-eater. Our heroes only ask for some gas and a few munchies, but Polly Famous has other things on her mind, some fresh longpig perhaps? Will the band be able to get back home? Can the power of irony snatch them from the jaws of the one-eyed Polly Famous? Will the Greek chorus of frat boys and sorority girls be any use at all? Or will Earth lose God's gift to humanity as they are doomed to be wasted on Sunset Boulevard forever?


Tickets are free for Stanford affiliates, with a suggested $5 donation. Please note that the play contains language and themes not suitable for all audiences; unaccompanied minors will not be admitted. For ticket reservations and enquiries contact ashep@stanford.edu 

Stanford Classics in Theater (SCIT) is a graduate-student theater group dedicated to promoting understanding of Greek and Roman drama through translation and performance.