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Nancy Worman: Dreams of Order: Landscape Aesthetics in Ancient Poetry and Literary Theory

Thursday, May 30, 2013
5:15 pm – 7:00 pm
Building 110, Room 112
Join us at 5:00pm for light refreshments.
This talk explores how ancient poets and theorists shaped aesthetic terrains out of familiar topographies in order to highlight certain settings and their resident styles as pleasurable and erotic, as opposed to hard won and ethically stringent. Art's topographies give shape to desires that run from the many and diverse pleasures of rustic retreats to fantasies of control and dominion, whether in poetic contests, literary theoretical forays, or more emboldened cultural and territorial domination.
Nancy Worman is Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at Barnard College and Columbia University in New York City. She is currently completing a book on stylistic landscapes in ancient literary theory and criticism. With Joy Connolly she is editing the Oxford Handbook of Ancient Literary Theory and Criticism, and on her own is devising a new project called "Tragic Bodies," which aims to explore the aesthetics of embodiment in Greek tragedy and beyond.