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Classics Diploma Ceremony (Commencement)

The 2012 Classics Diploma Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 17th at 12:30pm immediately following the large University Commencement ceremony in the Stanford stadium.  From the stadium, guests and students will be walking to their individual department sites to receive their diplomas.  Our site is located in a sunken courtyard between Buildings 460 and 420 in the Main Quad.

The courtyard is accessible by stairs on one side, and by the elevators in both buildings.  If you have mobility issues, The Oval will be restricted to parking with handicap placards only.  We recommend dropping off those persons with a family member or friend at the top of the Oval and taking the ramp to the right of the stairs up.  Turn right at the front of the Quad and enter the first set of doors to your left (Building 460, also known as Margaret Jacks Hall).  Take the elevator down to the basement level and follow the signs to the ceremony area.

Seating is first-come, first serve, and the chairs are moveable to make way for chair-users.  There is also additional seating at tables on the perimenter of the ceremony area.

The ceremony will be approximately an hour long, followed by a buffet lunch.  We ask your consideration in giving priority table seating to the elderly and disabled.