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House Size and Economic Growth: Regional Trajectories in the Roman World (Rob Stephan)

The Department of Classics at Stanford University invites you to attend a public dissertation defense by:

Robert Perry Stephan

On his dissertation entitled:

“House Size and Economic Growth: Regional Trajectories in the Roman World”

This dissertation looks at the Roman empire's impact on economic prosperity. While extensive or aggregate economic growth has been fairly well established, the aim of this project was to determine whether intensive growth also occurred, improving economic well-being on a per person level. To provide an answer, Rob tracked changes in median house size, an archaeological proxy for per capita wealth, over time. His results demonstrate substantial growth during the Roman empire in the provinces but, perhaps surprisingly, little or no growth within the imperial core of Italy. An assessment of the distribution of house sizes suggests that provincial Roman society was experiencing rising inequality at the same time it was becoming wealthier.

Thursday, August 1st
10:00 A.M.
Building 110, Rm 112

This event is free and open to the public