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Faculty/grad student group awarded funding for SHC research worshop

Professors Jennifer Trimble and Grant Parker and graduate students Carolyn MacDonald, Matthew Loar and Dan-El Padilla Peralta have been awarded funding by the Stanford Humanities Center to lead a Geballe Research Workshop in 2011-2012. The workshop, entitled "Verbal and Visual Literacies of Ancient Rome," will pursue the intersections and interactions between the very different forms of evidence, both in the modern academy and in the ancient world, germane to the many fields that constitute classical scholarship (archaeology, history, philology, and philosophy). 


Invigorated by the fundamental interdisciplinarity of Classics, the research workshop is committed to developing ways for scholars from its different disciplines to talk to one another across the boundaries of their specialties in an effort to understand the cultures of the Ancient Mediterranean as integrated wholes. In particular, workshop participants will take as their focus the practice and performance of cultural literacy in the Ancient Roman world, which manifested itself in sophisticated ‘readings’ of verbal and visual objects of interpretation, ranging from elevated poems to scurrilous graffiti, from weighty civic monuments to provocative personal paintings. By considering embodied experiences of texts as well as conceptual experiences of physical realia, the workshop will explore the complexity and plurality of Roman cultural literacy, and the interplay between the various interpretive activities engaged in by the Romans as they interacted with the private and public spaces of their cities.

More information about the Geballe Research Workshops can be found on the Stanford Humanities Center's website, where the calendar for this and other workshops will be posted by late summer.