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Jackie Arthur-Montagne receives fellowship

Jackie Arthur-Montagne (graduate student, Classics) has been selected as one of the inaugural fellows of the Pigott Scholars Program for 2013-14. The Pigott Scholars Program is a one-year fellowship for advanced doctoral students in the Humanities and Arts and selection is contingent upon departmental nomination from a pool of peers. 


Former post-doc Kara Cooney hosts new Discovery Channel show

Kara Cooney, who was affiliated with the department while serving as an IHUM Fellow a few years ago, hosts a new comparative archaeology series for the Discovery Channel. "Out of Egypt" premiered in August 2009. Published under the name Kathlyn M. Cooney (but called Kara by everyone), Cooney is an Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA. She earned her PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Johns Hopkins University in 2002.

Upcoming conference: Ancient Explanation (April 17-18)

Click here for a PDF of the conference program.

The Stanford Classics Department is co-sponsoring the Ancient Explanation Conference to be held in the Stanford Humanities Center, 424 Santa Teresa Street on April 17 - 18, 2010. (Map here.)

Explanation is a default mode of today’s academic discourse, but can at different times be employed in a variety of different ways. This conference aims to explore the use of explanation in classical antiquity. What did the ancients explain? For what purposes were explanations made? And who could legitimately give them?