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Recent Eitner lecture featured on the Human Experience portal and written by PhD candidate, Stephen Sansom.

This year's Lorenz Eitner lecture by Prof. Peter Meineck featured on Stanford University's Human Experience website (article written by Classics PhD candidate, Stephen Sansom). "During his talk entitled 'The Embodied Theatre: Cognitive Science and Ancient Greek Drama' Meineck outlined how recent advances in the cognitive sciences, such as eye-tracing and face recognition, may provide news tools for understanding the experience of ancient performance."

More about the Human Experience portal -"While Stanford University is well known for its schools of science, law and business, few people have been aware that the School of Humanities and Sciences is Stanford's largest school. To bring the school's accomplishments to a wider audience, the university wanted a website for the Humanities Outreach Program that emphasizes the full range of academic excellence, including faculty members, events, research, and writing." (Quotation from wiredmoon.com)

Full article: http://humanexperience.stanford.edu/meineckcognitive