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Rush Rehm directs Stanford Summer Theater's "Electra Festival"

Professor of Classics and Drama Rush Rehm coordinated Stanford Summer Theater's "Electra Festival" with resounding success. The ambitious Festival included a full production of Sophocles' Electra, which Rehm directed, along with stagings of Aeschylus' Libation Bearers and Euripides' Electra, which were followed by post-show discussions led by Classics Professor Emeritus Marsh McCall. The Festival also featured a film series, "Tragic Heroines," and a daylong Continuing Studies symposium, "The Trojan War and Electra."

(Video and photos after the jump.)


Image: Clytemnestra and Chorus.

The featured production of the Sophocles play received rave audience reviews on the San Francisco Chronicle's website and earned critical acclaim from the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Examiner. A thoughtful exploration of key themes in the Electra story appeared in the Stanford Report, and a profile and interview with Professor Rehm appeared in the Stanford Daily.

Below are two video clips about the Festival (the first courtesy of the Stanford Humanities Center's Human Experience project), followed by additional stills from the main production.






Clytemnestra and Old Tutor.
Clytemnestra over corpse of Agamemnon, young Electra.