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Stanford Classics tops National Research Council rankings

The graduate program of the Stanford Department of Classics ranks at the top of  31 Classics programs in the United States rated by the National Research Council.  In its long-awaited report released September 28, 2010 (and based on data concerning the state of each program in 2005-06) each department is allocated a range of figures (rather than a single rank-order grade) that indicates the strength of its faculty (in terms of publications, grants and awards) as well as the success of graduate students (in terms of time-to-degree and numbers obtaining academic jobs, among other factors). Stanford’s Classics program was rated from 1-6 (first to sixth) in the “regression” portion of the rankings and 1-4 in the survey portion. The latter is based on faculty opinions of the relative importance of various program factors in general, while the former reflects a regression analysis linking reputational scores to the program factors. (Full explanations and details are here.) Overall, these ranges are higher and narrower than those awarded any other program (the next closest competitors being Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, and Princeton). It is rewarding to see the quality, dedication, hard work, and productivity of Stanford’s faculty and graduate students acknowledged in this way.

In addition, The Chronicle of Higher Education has provided a useful online tool for comparing NRC-ranked programs, available here.