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Stanford Daily: Giovanna Ceserani leads groundbreaking digital humanities project

 Associate Professor of Classics Giovanna Ceserani, with help from a research team including Classics graduate student Sarah Murray, is leading a digital mapping project to trace patterns in the routes, people and places making up the 18th century Grand Tour of Europe. The five year collaborative project was recently featured in an article in the Stanford Daily: 


Adrienne Mayor speaks on the ancient history of chemical and biological weapons

On April 8, Adrienne Mayor (research scholar, Department of Classics), was invited to speak to the "Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Response" class at Stanford Medical School, cross-listed with Public Policy, on the ancient history of biological and chemical weapons.

Justin Leidwanger awarded the inaugural AIA Cotsen Excavation Grant for the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in Sicily.

Incoming Stanford Classics professor, Justin Leidwanger, is the recipient of the inaugural Cotsen Excavation Grant by the Archaeological Institute of America for the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in Sicily. Congratulations to Justin who will join the Stanford faculty on July 1, 2013. Official AIA announcement: http://www.archaeological.org/news/aianews/11759.

Edward W. Spofford, former Classics professor, dies at 81.

Edward "Ned" Spofford
        On February 17 Ned Spofford died of pneumonia in Stanford hospital. He was 81, and for some time had been in declining health. He had lived in Lytton Gardens Health  Care Center in Palo Alto for several years.

Prof. Ian Morris featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Professor of classics Ian Morris' latest book analyzed 15,000 years of data to explain why the West is dominant. Now the intelligence community wants to know what will happen next. Chronicle of Higher Education, Mon, 2/25/13 http://chronicle.com/article/In-Ian-Morriss-Big-History/137415/

2012 Christian Gauss Book Award awarded to Christopher B. Krebs for A Most Dangerous Book

Congratulations to Prof. Krebs from Phi Beta Kappa on winning the 2012 Christian Gauss Book Award for A MOST DANGEROUS BOOK. Judges had high praise for this fine work, and in a strong field it stood out as the greatest contribution to literary scholarship.

Latin was the key to breaking the news about Pope Benedict's resignation.

A reporter who knew Latin broke the news about the papal resignation while others waited for translations into Italian and English.

Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21412604.

Prof. Grant Parker takes undergrads to Getty Villa

Prof. Grant Parker, resident fellow at Toyon as well as faculty member in the Classics department took Stanford undergraduates to the Getty Villa in Malibu. The visit is featured on Stanford's residential education website and exemplifies the outstanding programming that takes place outside of the traditional classroom setting. The full feature can be found at: https://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/resed/life/events/getty.

Prof. Susan Stephens debunks image of the 'noble' ancient athlete in the Stanford Report

Excerpt from full-length article:

The Lance Armstrong doping story is just the latest athletic scandal to highlight the tension between ethical standards in athletic competitions and the drive to win. Although this tension may seem like a contemporary issue, it's actually been around since ancient times. One of the biggest myths around ancient athletics, says Stanford classics Professor Susan Stephens, is that profiting from sports is a product of modern times. "The notion that it doesn't matter whether you win or lose but 'how you play the game' didn't apply to ancient athletes – they wanted to win, and at all costs," Stephens said. "

Wall Street Journal Book Review written by Prof. Christopher B. Krebs

Classics professor, Christopher B. Krebs, chosen as reviewer for the Wall Street Journal. His first book review published online December 25, 2012 - "Hail the Conquering Hero". Krebs reviews Maria Wykes' recent book, Caesar in the U.S.A.