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PhDs from our program have done very well on the job market, both in winning postdoctoral fellowships and in landing tenure-track positions. The department's placement record is excellent. Our new PhDs have taken up postdocs at Harvard, Columbia, Brown, Berkeley, Brandeis, Macalester, Northwestern, NYU, Rice, and Ripon; visiting positions at Brandeis, Indiana, Knox, Richmond, Roanoke and UGA; and tenure-track positions at Cornell, Columbia, NYU, Boston U., Bowdoin, USC, UNC-Chapel Hill, Kenyon, UCL-King's College, Groningen, Wesleyan, McGill, Ohio State, Georgia State, Tulane, San Francisco State, Fresno State, Florida State, Holy Cross, U. Oklahoma, U. Colorado-Boulder, Texas Tech, Dalhousie, Gettysburg, Randolph College, Memorial U. (Newfoundland), U. San Diego, U. Puget Sound, and Evergreen.