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Classics undergraduate majors and minors whose record in Classics indicates that they are qualified may apply for funding from the Department of Classics. Students must submit a proposal to the undergraduate director as part of the Undergraduate Summer Research Grant Application; see the undergraduate page at http://classics.stanford.edu/resources for the application. The proposal should include an itemized list of expenses based on the fees charged by the program, including room, board, tuition, and other expenses. Food expenses are not normally reimbursed unless they are an integral part of the program package. Limited funding is available each year; preference is shown to students with strong records.


  1. Italy: Classics majors are encouraged to apply for the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, which is managed by Duke University for about 50 constituent colleges and universities (http://studyabroad.duke.edu/home/Programs/Semester/ICCS_Rome). It is open to Stanford majors in Classics, History, and Art History. All courses receive full credit at Stanford and may be applied to the respective major. Students interested in this program should consult the undergraduate director and the ICCS representative in the Department of Classics as early as possible in their career at Stanford to plan their course preparation and application. Competition is strong, and applicants are expected to have taken one or more courses in Roman history and at least one year of Latin before they arrive in Rome. Brochures are available at the department office.

    Other programs offer a quarter, semester, or summer session in Rome. Interested students should consult with the Bing Overseas Studies Program.

  2. Greece: Students are encouraged to apply for the summer session at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (http://ascsa.edu.gr). The school is recommended principally for Classics majors with at least two years of ancient Greek. A student wishing to apply should prepare by taking courses in Greek history, archaeology, and art; beginning modern Greek is strongly recommended. Applicants should see the undergraduate director early in the academic year. Other programs such as College Year in Athens (http://cyathens.org) offer a quarter, semester, or summer session in Greece. Interested students should visit the Bing Overseas Studies Program in Sweet Hall.