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Michelle Jia wins Introductory Seminar Excellence Award for 2012-2013

The department congratulates Michelle Jia (Class of 2016) for her excellent oration project during Prof Christopher Krebs' Spring 2013 course, "Eloquence Personified: How to Speak Like Cicero". This course was an introduction to Roman rhetoric, Cicero's Rome, and the active practice of speaking well. Participants read a short rhetorical treatise by Cicero, analyzed one of his speeches as well as more recent ones by, e.g., Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Obama, and watched their oratorical performances.  Then students practiced rhetoric, prepared and delivered in class two (short) speeches, and wrote an essay.  Jia's performance was not only notable within her class, but is recognized by the University for her superb work through the Introductory Seminar Excellence Award.