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David G. Smith


Ph.D. Stanford University, 2003
Associate Professor
San Francisco State University


David G. Smith received his B.A. (1995) and M.A. (1997) in Classics from San Francisco State University, and his Ph.D. from Stanford in 2003.  His particular research interests include: Greek literature (especially poetry and historiography), cultural history (especially of Greek Italy and Sicily), Archaic and Classical Greek history and archaeology, and ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.

David's most recent publications include: Entries on Hippys of Rhegium (554), Alcimus of Sicily (560), and Lycus of Rhegium (570) in press for Brill's New Jacoby, as well as "A Regional Performance Culture? The Case of Syracuse" in F. De Angelis (ed.), Regionalism and Globalism in Antiquity (Brill 2012).

Most recently, David was awarded the SFSU Post-Tenure Sabbatical Award (2012-2013).  Other prior awards include: SFSU Presidential Award for Probationary Faculty (2006-2007), and the Giles Whiting Dissertation Fellowship (2002-2003).