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Peter Hunt


Ph.D. Ancient History, 1994
Associate Professor
University of Colorado at Boulder

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Peter Hunt is Chair of the Classics Department at University of Colorado at Boulder and a classical Greek historian, studies warfare and society, slavery, historiography and oratory. His first book, Slaves, Warfare and Ideology in the Greek Historians (Cambridge 1998), discerns a conflict between the extent of slave and Helot participation in Greek warfare and the representation of their role in contemporary historians. In addition to articles and reviews in Historia, The Historian, The American Journal of Philology, Classical Review, and Classical Journal, he wrote seven articles for the Macmillan History of World Slavery and has contributed chapters to a number of forthcoming volumes: Arming Slaves in World History (Yale UP), The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, The Cambridge World History of Slavery, and Brill's Companion to Thucydides. His second book project, War, Peace, and Alliance in Demosthenes' Athens (under contract with Cambridge UP), uses the evidence of deliberative oratory as evidence for Athenian thinking and feeling about foreign relations.