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Thomas Hawkins


Ph.D. Language and Literature, 2003
Assistant Professor
Ohio State University

Contact Information: 

Thomas Hawkins received his Ph.D. in Classics from Stanford in 2003 (after double majoring in Classics and Civil/Environmental Engineering as a Stanford undergraduate).  Since 2011, Thomas has been an Associate Professor at Ohio State University, where in 2010, he was nominated for the OSU Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.  He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses at OSU, and his book, "Iambic Poetics in the Roman Empire," is due to be published by Cambridge University Press in May 2014.

A Curse for the New Year: Subversive and inversive invective on the Imperial New Year. In final preparation.

Recent Articles:
"This is the Death of the Earth: Crisis narratives in Archilochus and Mnesiepes," Transactions of the American Philological Association 139 (2009) 1-20.
"Out-foxing the Wolf-walker," Classical Antiquity, 27.1 (2007) 93-114.
"Lycambes gets capped," Archilochus and his Age, (2007) 49-63.
"Seducing a Misanthrope: Timon the Philogynist in Aristophanes' Lysistrata," Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 42 (2002) 143-162.

Research Interests:
Greek poetry, Classics, Iambic invective, Imperial Greek literature