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William Gladhill


Ph.D. Literature, 2008
Assistant Professor
McGill University


William Gladhill is an assistant professor at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. His research includes Roman poetics, empire and space, and the ancient body.  He is currently reworking his dissertation “Foedera: a Study in Roman Poetics and Society” into a book. The dissertation reconstructs the ritual event of the foedus (treaty) and analyzes the problematic nature of Roman alliance in epic poetry. In addition, he is writing and researching papers on aspects of Greek and Roman cosmology, Roman law and poetry, and lexicography.  William is currently working on a manuscript entitled, "The Poetry of Alliance at Rome." In addition to his work serving on the board of Vergilius, one of the leading journals on the study of Vergil, William started McGill University's working group Classical Revolutions.  This group is designed to bring scholars together, from throughout the broader Montreal academic community, so that they can address issues centering upon Classical reception.  Classical Revolutions also fosters dialogue across McGill departments, providing students and faculty an informal forum to discuss ideas and texts.  In 2010, he launched a Classical Revolutions blog.