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Zhifeng Koh


Zhi graduated with a B.A. in Classical Studies and a B.A. in Comupter Science (Human Computer Interface) from Stanford, in 2010.  While at Stanford, his primary interests in Classics are anything to do with the Greeks, especially philosophy, history and mythology. He also has a huge fascination with classical-era warfare methods, strategy and devices, and will get his hands on as much as he can while boring you with how and why Alexander the Great managed to do what he did, from the sarissa to the Hellenic League. Zhi is also a techie at heart, however, and deludes himself into thinking that computer science is the ability to create anything from a computer.

After numerous jobs and internship experiences, Zhi accepted a position as a Solution Architect at Moov Corporation, a job which he held in the San Francisco Bay Area until April 2013.