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Alessandro Barchiesi


Gesue and Helen Spogli Professor of Italian Studies

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Email: barchiesi@unisi.it
Mailcode: 2145

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On leave 2013-14



Stanford Dissertations Directed
"Unfinished Business in the Argonautica of Valerius Flaccus". Meredith Monaghan, Director of Academic Fellowships, Brandeis University
"The Aesthetics of Medicine in Augustan Poetry". Julia Nelson Hawkins, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
"Elegy's 'Rhetoric of Poverty': Themes of Exchange between Poet, Patron, and Puella". Robert Corby Kelly, Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar, Macalester College; [second reader] "Foedera: A Study in Roman Society and Poetics". Charles William Gladhill, Assistant professor, McGill University
“The boundaries of Empire and the edges of the earth in Augustan poetry”, Micah Myers, Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University @ Bloomington
Kathryn Balsley, ‘The performance of justice in Roman poetry and fiction’.
Recent Scholarship
Alessandro Barchiesi gave the Gray Lectures in Cambridge in 2001: "Virgilian Geopoetics", and the Jerome Lectures in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Rome, in 2002/2003: "Copies without models. Hellenization in Augustan Poetry." His new projects include the 2011 Sather Lectures at UC Berkeley, on Italy and Vergil’s Aeneid, and the 2012 Martin Lectures at Oberlin College (“The Council of the gods”).
Editorial Activities
The Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies (with W. Scheidel), OUP 2010
Editorial Board, Series ‘Sozomena’ (De Gruyter; general editor D. Obbink)

General editor, multi-author commentary on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Fondazione Valla 2005- (5 volumes published to-date; under contract for English edition with Cambridge UP
With J. Ruepke and S. Stephens, Rituals in ink, Stuttgart 2004.

Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica (published by Le Monnier): editor (2002-).

Member of scientific board, MD (Pisa) and Phoenix (Classical Association of Canada)

With A.Aloni and A. Cavarzere, Iambic Ideas, Lanham (MD) 2000
With Ph. Hardie and S. Hinds, Ovidian Transformations, Cambridge PCPS Suppl. 1999.
Apuleius the Provincial, Robinson Lecture, Brown, April 2013
Far from the Madding Crowd: Hardie, Astroturfing, and Seneca, Conference on P. Hardie, Rumour and Renown, University of Athens, December 2012
Vineis Lectures, University of Bologna, December 2012
Vergil and the destiny of Italy, Annual Classical Lecture, Wabash College, November 2012
Italy as a wild land in the Aeneid, Princeton, November 2012
The council of the gods, Martin Classical Lectures, Oberlin College, November 2012
Alexandria in Rome, Rome as Alexandria, Cityscaping conference, Berlin, October 2012
Apuleius the Provincial, Humboldt University, Berlin, May 2012
The war for Italia: The Mountains, UC Santa Barbara, April 2011
The war for Italia: Bellum Italicum, UCLA, April 2011
Sather Classical Lectures, Berkeley, January-March 2011
Poetic careers, The Carl Schlam Memorial lecture, Ohio State University, October 2009
Poetic careers: the Ovidian connection, The Prentice lecture, Princeton, October 2009
Plenary lecture, On Metamorphoses, FIEC conference, Berlin, August 2009
Plenary lecture, Rome and Alexandria, Classical Association of Britain, Liverpool 2008
Poetic Autographies, The Housman Lecture, UCL London, April 2008
Bellum Italicum, Conference on Roman Italy, Fondazione N. Canussio, Pordenone, September 2007
Le Cirque du Soleil - Ovid's Phaethon and Augustan Rome, University of Bergen, Norway, June 2007
Concluding remarks, Conference 'Greek poetry in Italy', Georgetown University at Villa Le Balze, Florence, June 2007
Concluding remarks, Conference '100 years of 'Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica', Siracusa
Exemplarity, Conference 'The appopriation by Latin literature', Bruxelles (Royal Academy of Sciences), May 2007
Ennius and the dark virgin, The Don Fowler Memorial Lecture 2007, University of Oxford, May 2007
Keynote address, Graduate Students Conference, Harvard, Dept of the Classics, April 22-3, 2006
Ennius, Virgil, and the dark virgin, Colloque 'La Republique Romaine dans la poésie augusteenne', Fondation Hardt, Geneva, March 2007
Le Cirque du Soleil - Ovid's Phaethon and Augustan Rome (U. of Washington, Seattle, February 2007)
Le Cirque du Soleil, Bordeaux conference on 'Le Cirque Romain', Bordeaux, November 2006
The Lansdowne Lectures, University of Victoria (British Columbia), October 2005
'Phaethon and the monsters', Conference on The Marvellous in Augustan poetry, Oxford, Corpus Christi College, September 2005
Keynote address, CASA Conference, Durban, South Africa, July 2005
'Localism and diaspora in the Aeneid', plenary lecture, Triennial Conference, Cambridge (UK) July 2005
'Rome and Alexandria: imitations, limitations' (Oxford, CCC seminar on 'Alexandria in Rome', November 2004).
'Ovidian autographies, Cornelius Gallus to Boccaccio' (Passmore Symposium on Poetic Careers, Oxford, CCC, September 2004).
The power of images in Ovid's Ars Amatoria' (Colloquium 'Viewing and Listening in the Ancient World', University of Rethymno, May 2004).
'International prophecies in Virgil's Aeneid', Seminar 'Zur Poetik der Zeit in augusteischer Dichtung', Heidelberg (April 2004).
'Geopolitics and empire in Virgil's Aeneid', Miami University (February 2004).
'Mobilità e religione nell'Eneide (Diaspora, culto, spazio, identità locali)'. Teilkolloquium "Konstruktion und Verbreitung von Religion in Texten der Kaiserzeit", Eisenach, November 2003.
'It's like intertextuality, but without the literary texts', Rutgers conference on 'New Directions'in teaching and research on Roman literature, October 2003.
Foreword, with. W. Scheidel, Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies, eds. Barchiesi/Scheidel, Oxford 2010.
‘The Ovidian career model’, Classical literary careers and their reception, ed. P. Hardie-H. Moore, Cambridge 2010.
‘Phaethon and the monsters’ in Paradox and the marvellous in Augustan literature and culture, ed. P. Hardie, Oxford 2009.
‘Roman perspectives on the Greeks,’ Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies, ed. G. Boys-Stones, B. Graziosi and P. Vasunia, 2009.
‘Lyric in Rome’ in The Cambridge Companion to Greek Lyric, ed. F. Budelmann, 2009.
Oxford Readings in Horace, Carmina and Epodes, ed. M. Lowrie, 2009 (two chapters).
Oxford Readings in Ovid, ed. P. Knox, 2008.
'Learned Eyes: poets, viewers and image-makers', in The Cambridge Companion to the Augustan Age, ed. K. Galinsky, 2006
‘Carmina: Odes and Carmen saeculare’, in S.J. Harrison, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Horace, CUP 2007
'The search for the perfect book' in K. Gutzwiller, ed., The new Posidippus: a Hellenistic poetry book, OUP 2005.
'Center and periphery', in A companion to Latin literature, ed. Stephen Harrison (Blackwell, 2005).
(with A. Cucchiarelli) 'Satire and the poet:the body as self-referential symbol', in K. Freudenburg (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Roman satire (CUP 2006).
'Music for Monsters. Ovid’s metamorphoses, bucolic criticism, and bucolic evolution’, forthcoming in M. Fantuzzi-Th. Papanghelis, The Brill Companion to Ancient Pastoral, Leiden 2007 (available on-line as a Princeton-Stanford Working Paper)
Essays in Oxford Readings on Ovid (ed. P. Knox, 2006) and Oxford Readings on Horace, Odes and Epodes (ed. M. Lowrie, forthcoming)
Ovidio, Metamorfosi, vol. 1 (Milan 2005, with general introduction) and vol. 2 (Milan 2007: with Gianpiero Rosati) (first 2 volumes of a complete Italian commentary to the poem, general editor and commentator on books 1-3)
'Masculinity in the 90's: the education of Achilles in Statius and Quintilian', in M. Paschalis (ed.), Greek and Roman Imperial epic, Rethymno Classical Studies 2005.
The Cambridge Companion to Ovid, ed. Ph. Hardie (2002).
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Texts, Ideas and the Classics (ed. S.J. Harrison, OUP 2001).
Contributor to the XLVII Entretiens Hardt for the year 2000.
Praise and desire. Contexts for the New Simonides (ed. D. Boedeker-D. Sider) OUP 2000.
Matrices of genre (ed. Obbink-Depew, Harvard UP 2000).
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'Endgames', in D. Roberts-F.Dunn-D. Fowler, Classical closure, Princeton 1997.
The Cambridge Companion to Virgil (ed. Martindale, 1997).
Oxford Readings in the Roman Novel (ed. S. Harrison, 1997).


Current Projects: 
Editing a multi-volume commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses for Cambridge UP
Book: The war for Italia, California UP
Book Project: The Council of the Gods
Book Project: Translation of La traccia del modello. Effetti omerici nella narrazione virgiliana
Book: Vergilian Geopoetics, Cambridge UP
Book Project: Plots of Hellenization in Roman Poetry, Michigan UP